Viral Loops

"The viral loop in most social networks revolves around a user posting a widget to their page and having friends see their page. The viral loops for Facebook (there are multiple) revolve around the news feed, the mini-feed and the invite request."
VentureBeat interview with RockYou

I’m really interested in Facebook Developers for a couple of reasons, but mostly because of a core belief that the software industry has matured to a point that technical innovation doesn’t drive growth anymore, distribution mechanics do.

Social networks and application marketplaces offer exciting new distribution capabilities for software publishers, but each of these channels features unique nuances that require understanding in order to maximize effectiveness on.

The other thing about Facebook that I find interesting is that it promises to give developers the ability to instantly add a social dimension to their applications. This is not insignificant when you consider that the inclusion of a social capability is the one constant among practically every high growth application/service that has launched in the last 5 years.


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