2012 Olympics Logo Unveiled

Kind of looks like something collapsing onto itself… and at a cost of $800,000 it must seem to a lot of Brits to sum up well the modern "Olympic experience". One other observation, I would be willing to bet that we will see some very creative reconfigurations of the logo in the years to come leading up to the actual games. Kinda like logo mashups, if you will.

Having looked at this for a while now, and fully understanding the academic arguments about branding and segementation that the designers have put forward, well I can’t help but think it looks like crap and is giving me a headache. BTW, Beijing’s logo rocks… makes me want to go.

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Zimbabwe Crumbles

"Zimbabwe’s government has admitted that so far this year only ten percent of the "normal wheat crop" has been planted. The reasons given include lack of fertilizer, lack of tractors, lack of fuel and electrical energy shortages. The government began a program about six weeks ago to ration electricity so that farmers would have reliable electricity during the planting season. Zimbabwe is already suffering corn shortages. With no alternatives, more people are fleeing the country. For an increasing number of people, the choice is between starvation and getting out. The number of refugees crossing the border has increased from 4,000 a month in 2004, to nearly 20,000 a month now. The population of 12 million appears to be shrinking as a result." – StrategyPage

Yeah, Zimbabwe is the perfect choice to be leading an economic development committee for the UN.

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