Should We Criticize?

"We Say: Controversial is probably an understatement for Chavez. Some would even call him comical. But if this works out and helps people, should we criticize? I’ll stay out of that discussion. At any rate, we’re most likely not looking at a potential threat to HP here …"

HELL YES and I’m not reluctant to have that debate.

You can’t have a little bit of evil and be okay with it. It would be like telling a cancer patient that you won’t give him chemo and even though he will die at least he won’t lose his hair. Let’s have some perspective here, Chavez is a totalitarian thug who has single handedly wrecked the Venezuelian economy, is creating a class war that will no doubt erupt into civil war, and lastly, is against anything that represents freedom and democracy.

Chavez undertakes these projects not because he wants to help people but because he wants to obscure his lust for power and cement his base of support among the poor of South America who apparently look beyond the food shortages and highest inflation among Latin countries and get a new socceer stadium in return.

More troubling about Chavez is that he is not content to wreak havoc in Venezuela alone, he is intent on exporting his brand of repression and chaos to other countries in the region and beyond.

A PC is a device that facilitates freedom and democracy… do you think Chavez’ PC will be able to load Youtube considering that Youtube is a threat to Venezuela now. A lack of personal computers in South America is not the root problem, corruption and diminishing freedoms are and that is the message that the free world should be sending him.

2 thoughts on Should We Criticize?

  1. Agreed. Compromising with people like Chavez is a victory for them. They should be criticized, and vehemently, whenever and wherever possible.

  2. Spot-on, Jeff. I am constantly amazed that otherwise seemingly intelligent people can find it acceptable to cozy up to tyrants and murderers. (Probably the same people who proudly wear Ch̩ Guevara t-shirts Рbecause queer-bashing mass murderers are progressive!)

    I’ll buy you a drink the next time you’re in London (or Cincinnati, where I am most of the month), or when I next make it to SF. Hope to be there for the next Techdirt Greenhouse, whenever that may be.

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