Another Yahoo! Exec Resigns

Anyone else notice that a lot of long time Yahoo! executives are bailing on the company?

Yahoo’s chief technology officer is resigning after nearly a decade on the job, creating a management void as the Internet icon tries to mine more profits from a recent upgrade to its system for delivering online ads.

Recall that Nazem got the technology head role in Dec as part of the big reorg, the fact that he is leaving 6 months later is surprising to say the least. It’s remniscent of 2001 when Koogle, Anil Singh, and Mark Rubenstein all turned in their badges.


1 thought on Another Yahoo! Exec Resigns

  1. Not really surprising if you consider the mess their technology is in.

    If you look around on the web, you can find a lot of grumbling from Yahoo engineers about their outdated infrastructure, brittle code base and so on.

    I think the technology side has been underreported. It is a whole different side to the execution failure we have seen.

    Here are some examples:

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