Another Yahoo! Exec Resigns

Anyone else notice that a lot of long time Yahoo! executives are bailing on the company?

Yahoo’s chief technology officer is resigning after nearly a decade on the job, creating a management void as the Internet icon tries to mine more profits from a recent upgrade to its system for delivering online ads.

Recall that Nazem got the technology head role in Dec as part of the big reorg, the fact that he is leaving 6 months later is surprising to say the least. It’s remniscent of 2001 when Koogle, Anil Singh, and Mark Rubenstein all turned in their badges.


Major Spammer Arrested

"Soloway, 27, was once on a top 10 list of spammers kept by The Spamhaus Project, an international anti-spam organization. Others have since topped him, mostly based in Russia and other countries out of reach of U.S. or European law."

Check out the eye-popping statistic from Ironport deep in the article about the arrest of big fish spammer Robert Soloway… 70 billion spam emails in an average 24 hour period. That’s 10 spam emails for every human being on the planet in a single day.

If convicted, Soloway should have to serve his prison sentence in Nigeria while filling out offers for credit cards, mortgages, and "national lotteries" while munching on generic Viagara pills (but no internet porn).

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Russians and Climate Change

"Russian scientists believe that global warming can be slowed down by releasing aerosols into the lower stratosphere, a top scientist said Wednesday."

Anyone else not very comfortable with the notion of Russia releasing massive quantities of anything into the atmostphere? Their track record on environmental issues may need a few decades of burnishing up before they can claim leadership on green technology.