Google Gears

Scoble covers Google’s latest offering, Gears.

They are showing me a demo of the new Google Reader using the new Gears plugin. After you load the Gears plugin you get a new icon at the top of your Reader window which enables offline capabilities of Google Reader. They showed how Google Reader then downloaded 2,000 feed items. They took the browser offline and it continued to work great.

It does work really well at enabling an offline usage mode for Google Reader, can only imagine where they are going with this as it relates to their other office productivity apps, as well as for other non-Google applications.

I did find it interesting that the access model for developers is essentially SQL. What I was left wondering is if this is in fact SQL light then does that mean one could use Gears as a proxy for other SQL data sources?

Keep in mind that this is a Firefox extension, which means most of the market can’t take advantage of it. Nonetheless, this is a really interesting development and I’m sure that we will see some innovative implementations of it in double quick time.

Lastly, there is an open question for Google over Apollo/Silverlight. While Google is clearly developing an offline capability, thereby flattening one of the objections that Google faces when pitching their office applications, but what is there answer on the question about rich non-browser based applications. Perhaps Google is a better acquirer of Adobe than Apple?


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  1. Jeff,

    You said, “Keep in mind that this is a Firefox extension, which means most of the market can’t take advantage of it.” Note that Gears is also available as an extension for Internet Explorer, and Safari and Opera support are coming.


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  4. No Safari availability. That seems like a major oversight to me.

    I am impressed with the apparent simplicity of the model.


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