BT Acquires TiddlyWiki, Name Change Imminent

Jeremy Rustin sold his company to British Telecom, which at first glance may seem an improbable fit but when you consider the BT Workspace initiative it makes a lot of sense. Also, the fact that the team he will no doubt be a part of is based here in Palo Alto, well it’s actually a very good fit.

I’m delighted to announce that the mighty BT has acquired my tiny little company Osmosoft Limited. I’m joining BT as Head of Open Source Innovation, and I’ll be building a crack open source web development team called BT Osmosoft. To say the least, this is big news for me personally, and I hope will have a positive and lasting impact on the future of TiddlyWiki.

Congratulations are well deserved, Jeremy did a great job building something that when you looked at Tiddlywiki closely is very disruptive. Jeremy really is a pioneer in the space of microcontent and the concept of a fully self contained hypertext document that could posted to a webserver or emailed around is pretty nonlinear.

PS- regarding my name change imminent comment… you really don’t expect a company as old school as British Telecom would keep a name as cool as TiddlyWiki.

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  6. “a name as cool as TiddlyWiki.” I’m sorry, but you have to be joking. I can’t think of a worse name. A friend of mine refers to it now as “TW,” because he knows I hate it so much.

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