Let’s Count the Hypocrisies

UPDATE: Migden was driving a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, not a Ford Escape… guess she isn’t into supporting U.S. businesses (with taxpayer money). At any rate, my point #3 still stands because California included Toyota in the lawsuit I mentioned. BTW, the Highlander replaced the State purchased 2005 Cadillac STS that Migden was driving up until recently… and was involved in another accident in last year when she ran into a bus in SF.


Carole Migden, California State Senator, gets into a fender bender while weaving in and out of traffic in her state issued SUV and talking on her cell phone:

1) Migden voted for legislation that would have outlawed talking on a cell phone while driving in California, arguing that it was unsafe, which in her case it clearly is. Actually, I should be clearer about this, the law requires handsfree use beginning next year, so it will be illegal to talk on a cell phone without a handsfree option while driving… therefore there is no excuse for her lapse of judgement here.

2) Migden spoke at a ceremony praising the introduction of the 1-800-TELL-CHP phone service for reporting erratic drivers… the same service that was ultimately used to report her erratic driving prior to the accident she was caused.

3) It would be tempting to also point out that Midgen was driving an SUV, but it was a Ford Escape Hybrid. However, there is still some irony in the fact that the State has sued Ford and other automakers claiming that their vehicles are gross emissions polluters while at the same time acquiring vehicles that they claim are not available.


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