Google Increases Attachment Size in Gmail

You can now attach up to 20mb files to Gmail messages, that’s up from 10mb. There was a time when a number of services developed that enabled the sending of large files over email, I would imagine their oxygen just got sucked out. To be fair, there are a couple that have developed much richer capabilities than simply sending large file attachments, like YouSendIt.

I have always liked YouSendIt for being drop dead simple to use and later for having some nice features, like the dropbox functionality for business users. The management of electronic documents continues to offer rich opportunities for startups.

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2 thoughts on Google Increases Attachment Size in Gmail

  1. Another interesting spin is ShareThis, a service formally labelled nextumi. Although no file is actually transferred, the app. allows simple direction to the original source across a number of mediums (Myspace, email, facebook, IMs, etc). As more and more content moves to web-based storage, I see the ShareThis model as more beneficial than a YouSendIt or Gmail (both of which I still use on a daily basis). Enough rambling…

  2. This makes me wonder why Xdrive and don’t embrace the notion of file transmission as the natural pairing to online file storage.

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