More Turtle Bay Follies

At first I thought this was a satire piece worth of publication in The Onion…

Imagine my lack of surprise when I saw that this is simply a case of business as usual at Turtle Bay, after all it’s hard to argue with Zimbabwe’s credentials for leading a UN panel on the environment and economic development… jewel of Africa that it is:

Zimbabwe’s economy is collapsing, with inflation of 2,200 per cent – the highest in the world. Households can expect just four hours of electricity a day. This has encouraged deforestation, with large areas being stripped of wood for light and heating.

Pity, I was thinking that Zimbabwe would be a frontrunner to lead the UN Human Rights Commission, along with Angola, Belarus, Egypt, Russia, Cuba, China, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

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2 thoughts on More Turtle Bay Follies

  1. You just forgot the USA for the UN Human Rights Commission (death penalty, patriot act, Guantanamo and so on…).

  2. Vincent,
    The U.S. declined a seat on the Human Rights Commission… the countries I listed above actually have seats on that farce for a group.

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