Puuuhhhleeeeze Can I Get a Diesel!

The 24 Hours at LeMans is shaping up to be a really competitive race this year at the hands of an unlikely racing technology powering the 2 leading teams, Audi and Peugeot – diesel. Audi has been dominating the ALMS for 2 seasons, going undefeated in their first year out with a diesel powered race car. Bluetec is coming to the U.S. by years end, hopefully, and we’ll get to enjoy the benefits of great performance and fuel consumption.

Normally I would be pulling for Audi but in honor of Sarkozy’s victory this week I will be rooting for the French. I am scheduled to be in Milan the week of Jun 11, am hoping I can make it over for some of the race week activities.

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Business Objects to Launch Insight

Here’s the PR blurb I received on Business Objects’ Insight launch next week:

Insight takes the concept of an online community and moves it beyond transactional relationships, like MySpace and LinkedIn, to true collaboration.  Additionally, it’s a way for number crunchers to gain access to some very powerful tools and network with others in their field around big issues that affect everyone.  There will also be ways for consumers to participate and eventually a mechanism to allow other non-profits to tap into the community’s intellectual capital.

Normally, PR pitches are pretty boilerplate but this one caught my attention because the person who sent it to me came across as genuinely excited about this and passionate about the topic. The launch sounds interesting as well, it’s next week in NYC and will feature a “major environmental non-profit and some high profile public figures” at the Climate Summit.

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The Euro’s Day of Reckoning

TCS Daily – The Euro’s Day of Reckoning:
Within the constraints of a currency union, the Mediterranean countries cannot resort to currency devaluation to restore competitiveness. Nor can they use interest rate policy to stimulate domestic demand. Instead, the rules of the currency union require them to endure deflation or to increase productivity as the only means of restoring their eroded competitiveness.

Interesting article on the consequences of increasing Euro valuation.

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WiMax News

There was a time when military R&D fed the commercial sector, but of course it’s very apparent that commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology is moving the other way.

The army has
long envisioned something like WiMax for battlefield use, but has not got their own technology even close to the point where WiMax is now. So, the soldiers
thought, why not just adapt WiMax (add crypto and test reliability) for combat

On a related note, Intel Capital hosted an investor and CEO gathering today. Their priorities going forward include increased investment in WiMax.

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Speck Hard Case for Laptops

I’m kinda obsessive compulsive about having a clean laptop… it just bothers me when I see dirty keyboard keys and I feel my pulse quicken when someone starts poking their fingers close to my fingerprint free screen.

Yesterday I picked up a Speck hard case for my MacBook Pro. It’s a hard plastic shell that snaps on the top and bottom of the laptop and provides a measure of scratch and ding protection (which I know can happen as my old MacBook Pro dropped and bent the corner).

The Speck case snaps on without the use of adhesives so it can easily and quickly come off, and it comes in a variety of colors. I have a clear one but I would have bought a black or orange one if the Apple store had it in stock. I was surprised to discover that I actually like the way my laptop feels with it on, a little bit softer and warmer than without it.

Yeah, it’s a slow blog day…