WordPress Stats Plugin

WordPress announced their much anticipated Stats Plugin today. Three things caught my eye, the first being how fast it is and uncomplicated in layout, a nice departure from what would appear to be the norm for statistics tracking systems.

Next, everything runs on their servers and not on your hosting service, which means you incur any load by taking advantage of it. This also makes the service run pretty fast, I was pleased to see how quickly the stats starting rolling in and how snappy the page load time is.

Lastly, the plugin itself is nothing more than a chunk of PHP code in one file. Nice, but more importantly this would indicate that the stats page is extensible by third parties. MyBlogLog could drop in some script and include embedded MyBlogLog stats on the same page in the dashboard, or Technorati could drop in their own widgets.

I was somewhat surprised to see that the plugin does not support WordPress MU (multi-user).


That Must be a Competitive School Election

From an email I received today:

I am a high school student running for President of the junior class of Oak Ridge High School. I have created a website at www.chakoumakos.com. I would like to request a link from your site, http://jeffnolan.com/wp/2006/12/. I will link back in return, just let me know. Currently my website has a pagerank of 0. I know this has close to zero authority but if enough people decide to support my endeavor this can change. You will also be targeting some of the best high school students in the nation. Oak Ridge High School is an outstanding school. The election is over on May 25 and if you want, you may remove your link but I will continue to link to you. Original articles can be requested on leadership and then can beposted on your website with a link to us. In addition, I can provide news like releases about this campaign.
Thank you for your time,
ORHS Student

High school elections have really come a long way when 1) your campaign reaches outside of your school, 2) you know your pagerank, and 3) you are publishing news releases and "original articles on leadership".

While I applaud the initiative, I wonder if the ambition is misplaced given that in a community, which is just another form of marketplace, as constrained as a school your authority stems from direct interactions and not online initiatives. Secondly, given the demographic I would have expected something on Myspace.

Personally, I’d like to hear what Ben has to say about this…