Netflix Goes For the Silver(light)

UPDATE: I was not very clear in my post on this… the old version of Watch Now was built on streaming WMV and that required IE and Windows. The new version of Watch Now, the demo is below, is built on Silverlight and as such does not have a browser or operating system dependency. In other words, us Mac and Firefox users can now join the party.

Netflix is at Mix07 and they showed a very cool demo of their next version of Watch Now, which is built on Silverlight. It was just back in January that Netflix announced this service, which was dependent on a DRM plugin for IE (v7?), meaning Mac and Firefox users were shut out.

Adobe’s Apollo certainly isn’t going to be a slam dunk now.

Perhaps the most startling aspect about Silverlight is that it decouples platform technology, in this case .Net, from the Windows platform itself. Whereas previous .Net components required Windows, Silverlight is browser independent, works on with Mac and Linux clients, and runs on Apache and Darwin servers (among others I would expect). Microsoft has with their actions indicated that their business units are no longer interdependent and that’s a really good thing.

The Netflix demo itself is pretty damn cool, I’m looking forward to being able to take advantage of this myself.

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2 thoughts on Netflix Goes For the Silver(light)

  1. The current version of “Watch Now” requires IE so this really isn’t a change. I have sent feed back to Net Flix complaining about this and fully intend to move to something like Vudo in the future.

    I quit using Windows quite a long time ago and choose not to do business with any service that requires me to use it. Currently it’s only the watch now service that’s Windows only but their direction is clear.

    I’m sure my days with Netflix are numbered.

  2. Mike,
    It’s actually a big change, but it was only after reading my post again that I see the confusion.

    I updated the post to clarify, please see the update.

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