Changing Course

Yesterday was my last official day at Teqlo, I am now 1) focusing on other interests, 2) spending time with family, and 3) devoting myself to clean technology. Well, #1 and 2 for sure… I am just throwing #3 in because it’s so damn trendy.

Teqlo is a fantastic concept and a potentially very disruptive business but it became clear that it needs more time in the oven in order to further develop and, more importantly, package the service. Spending 6+ more months in development before re-entering the market is not what I want to be doing, and as the single most expensive employee in the company it really doesn’t make much sense to be paying me when 2 additional engineers would do the company far more in the way of value creation.

User co-created applications, mashups (or composite apps, whatever turns you on), and services driven app platforms are a passionate collection of topics for me, they have been for years. My enthusiasm is not diminished at all, in fact I think the experience over the last 8 months has been fantastic in that I can clearly see the potential, the limitations, and the land mines on this path in a way that I never would have been able to as a casual well informed observer… I’ve been a partisan.

All throughout my Teqlo experience I have had large enterprise IT people calling and tire kicking as well as laying out their own plans. This is a much more receptive market than I would have originally anticipated, as is the ISP/MSP segment of the industry that sees mashups as a "missing link" to connect their service bus infrastructures with user requirements. Refocusing on what I know best, enterprise software or in the very least "traditional" enterprise and large SMB, might not be a bad choice. Will consider all options.

There is one specific topic that I am devoting increased attention to, which is turning RSS/Atom feeds into a mechanism for moving data into applications as oppposed to simply a pub/sub mechanism for blogs. I absolutely love the notion of turning the web into a great big database that pipes data around as feeds which can then be subscribed to, manipulated, and pumped into applications.

So where do I go from here? I have no idea and that feels great. There are a couple of projects I am already working on, but at the moment I am very much enjoying whitespace thinking, something I haven’t been able to do in a while. I’m also looking forward to re-engaging with my Irregulars group, which I will admit has not been getting as much attention as I should have been giving it.

There are some great events coming up in the weeks and months ahead, I will certainly be looking forward to immersing myself in them without the burden of pushing forward an agenda.

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