More Conspiracy

A gasoline tanker crashed and exploded on the interstate 80 to 880 interchange overnight, the resulting fire caused a section of the overpass to collapse. This elevated section of freeway is an older design with an exposed steel structure as opposed to a newer all concrete strcuture.

In watching the news footage I thought about the World Trade Center and the very small group of Truthers who continue to suggest that the building collapsed due not to fire but a detonation orchestrated by some clandestine goverment backed group. “Fire alone could never bring down a steel structure,” they suggest in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

UPDATE: Okay it had to happen, 4th comment in is a nutcase Truther talking about “the science”. I deleted this comment and will continue to do so, I am not going to ever allow this to be a platform for these vile people to spout their conspiracy nonsense. If you are one of them just go away now.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a Google Map of the affected area.