My MyBlogLog Community Has How Many Members?

I really have no idea how this happened, at 784 members my MyBlogLog community is the 31st largest on that network. GigaOM is #32… I can’t best Om on pageviews, or quality of writing for that matter, but I do have more mybloglog community members. Woo-hoo! Actually, I’d rather have the page views and the income they generate, but I’ll take a win in whatever form it comes in.

Actually, I suspect the surge in membership is because Scott or someone over there put my community badge on their homepage for quite a while. I got a lot of spam as a result, but I also picked up a bunch of new blogs to read, even though my time for such things is severely constrained these days.

On a serious note, I do like this service alot, so much so that I stripped out the sitemeter code from my site and use this for daily stat monitoring (yes, I can’t help but look). Also, I have found the "recent readers" feature to be kind of addicting.