Harmony When It’s Delivered

I wrote about Harmony over a year ago… it’s absolutely criminal that something this interesting couldn’t get developed and into customer hands more quickly. Dan has a good post about this innovative product project.

SAP doesn’t yet offer Web 2.0-style social networking capabilities in its solutions that tap into the wisdom of employees, partners and customers, but it has an internal service, called Harmony. Dennis Moore, general manager of emerging systems, called it a "MySpace for the enterprise," speaking at SAP Sapphire in Atlanta.

Too bad Dennis wasn’t talking about this at Sapphire LAST YEAR instead of sitting on it for a full year while the space really lit up. Linkedin is doing something like $15+ million a year in revenue, and growing fast, with their service yet SAP stood around and ignored something that went right to the core of what HR systems are supposed to enable: people development. The big HR systems vendors could own this space if they could see that HR systems are about a lot more than managing transactions and "talent management" systems that average people can’t figure out how to use anyway.

"Harmony features are expected to make their will make their way into the SAP’s Netweaver collaboration portal this year”

And that means what, exactly?

BTW, I did get an invitiation to attend Sapphire as a blogger this year, which was kind of a headtrip to be really honest. I decided not to go because of some travel issues and because I’m just not that motivated to write about SAP at the moment. Need some more time and distance to get my perspective back. Nonetheless, I appreciated the invitation and regret not being able to hang out with my Enterprise Irregulars brethen.

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  1. Is it really a surprise that an entrenched vendor like SAP is taking it’s time with this product? They have too many built in assumptions about what HR should be.

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