Web 2.0 Expo – day 1

I was going to post today from the Web 2.0 Expo sessions but truth be told I found the panels and presentations to be kind of boring. That’s not to say that the event is a flop because there are a lot of really interesting people to meet and I’ve heard the Web 2.0 Open is really worthwhile (it opened at 4pm today and I had to leave before then, so I’ll go tomorrow).

In short, I’ll leave this thought with you conference organizers: panels and sessions have a default mode of boring so go through the extra effort to select a panel, and more importantly, a moderator that will shake the bag a little and give it some edge. Panels don’t just inform, they should question everything, challenge the panelists, and create controversy and conflict where there should be none. And don’t give moderator slots to your sponsors just because they are your sponsors. If a panel doesn’t end without a little name calling, then what’s the point?

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