WTF is Computerworld Talking About?

Computerworld has a list of the Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Avoid… which I think is basically a list of the top 10 most popular Firefox extensions, seriously. There are such favorites on here as Greasemonkey, Noscript, Performancing, and PDF Download. AdBlock is on the list as well, which they justify by suggesting that:

But if everyone blocked ads, how would sites such as ours continue to offer content free of charge?

Really, I’m not making this up. The point at which things got even stranger is that they include Greasemonkey as an extension you should avoid, but then point out that it was also on their 20 Must Have Firefox Extensions piece that ran earlier.

I have not been to Computerworld’s website in a long long time, and after a couple of minutes of looking at the page I can see why, I started to get a headache. This is one of the most cluttered and least usable websites I have ever seen from a professionally produced print publication. If I could make one small recomendation it would be to make the text size even smaller so that they can fit more crap on the page.

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A War We Can All Support

I don’t think the following will get much disagreement:

The group’s mission is to awaken the public and get them to seriously think about the precious keyboard real estate that is so unfairly utilized by the (nearly) worthless uppercasing shortcut. Hintjens is a man on a mission, but he’s keeping a cool head, and by offering up alternatives that could hopefully appease both camps, some sort of resolution can presumably be found; he has suggested that Caps Lock be relocated beside Scroll Lock, so that Fortran programmers (about the only folks on the planet aside from Nigerian email scammers who use this key with any frequency) can still have access to quick uppercasing.

Quote of the Week

"Basically, I show up for life and serve"
– Spc. Max Ramsey

Ramsey has made 50 parachute jumps since losing his left leg to a roadside bomb in Iraq. I saw an interview on television with him last night and was struck by his optimism and fortitude. This guy is not a victim, he made that clear. Here’s another story I found on this extraordinary person:

This certainly wasn’t part of his life plan. "It became the plan regardless, so I immediately got myself into the mode of making sure I could step out of this whole thing and conquer the disability the best I could."

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