A Lesson in How to Not Expand a Network

We believe that by limiting your ability to personalize your pages with content from any source, MySpace is contradicting the very belief of personal and social media. MySpace became successful because of the creativity of you, its users, and because it offered a forum for self-expression. By severely restricting this freedom, MySpace is showing that it considers you as a commodity which it can treat as it sees fit.

At this point Myspace is a gorilla so they can probably get away with pretty much anything but the fact remains that networks that are social in nature expand as a consequence of expanding the opportunities for people to express themselves, not restricting the capabilities. Restricting Myspace users who are Photobucket customers will only serve to remind Myspace users that they don’t have the control that they thought they had.

UPDATE: I read Om’s post after posting my comments on this and quite honestly the additional information made me pause and reconsider my thoughts. While I could be tasked to argue the case from either side, I think Myspace is coming from the more principled position on this one but the point that Myspace users are still caught in the middle remains.

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