Google Desktop for the Mac

Google released their Mac version of Desktop and I was curious about two things, the first being what I would get that I didn’t already have with Spotlight, and the second being the new Updater application that they use instead of the standard drag-and-drop OS X installer.

I generally don’t like updaters because you never really know what is getting installed beyond the application you think you are getting. Also, why go through the trouble with an updater app when all the major Mac applications use the standard installer and still manage to do updates.

Daring Fireball has a breakdown of what is happening when Google’s Updater does it’s business. I’m gonna hold off for a while longer while this shakes out, Google’s Desktop has never been my first choice primarily because of the data they send back to their servers about my desktop.


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Read the story… I hope someone at Apple is over-nighting a brand new iPod to this Soldier.


Kontrib(ute) in English, Spanish, French and Arabic

Kontrib is a bookmarking service with a twist, it automatically converts all of the bookmarks into any of 4 languages. Very fast conversion as well. While English is the dominant language on the web, I consistently find interesting things in other languages that I am unable to accurately translate, so even if this service does just the translation of the summary well, that will be welcome.

Wonder why no German or Japanese? Given that Kontrib is a spinoff from Language Weaver, an In-Q-Tel funded deal, I can see why Arabic is prominent, but the lack of two very prominent lanaguages is definitely a hole.

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