Teqlo Responds to Techfold

Techfold points out 5 things that we need to do to Teqlo to make it better. I posted over on the Teqlo blog my responses to the issues, which I agree are issues. On one hand it’s sobering to think of how much we still need to do, but on the other it’s relieving to note that the issues that are coming up are obvious to us as well and we have a plan for dealing with them.

Techfold is a new blog, which I am sure will do quite well if the quality of writing remains at the high level they are out of the gate with.

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aka “The Productivity Tax”

”Olivier Maingain, the mayor of Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, one of the 19 Brussels boroughs, is planning to tax all "antennas for the transmission of data". Each antenna will be taxed a staggering 4,000 euros per year. Such antennas are used for WiFi or WLAN, i.e. wireless internet or wireless networks over relatively short distances. While the small antenna on your wireless router could theoretically be taxed, the new tax seems to target WiFi-antennas that can be seen from the outside, i.e. that are positioned on the outside of buildings. If the owner of the aerial cannot be identified the owners of the buildings have to pay the new tax."

This reminded me of the debate about software licensing for multicore processor servers a while back. In general it’s just a bad idea to put in place measures that effectively disincentivize people from investing in new technology, but for the life of me I cannot understand why someone would think it a good idea to put a tax on something that is supposed to be a public access right.


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