9/11 Truthers piss me off. Really.

Recently, Rosie O’Donnell, a co-host of ABC talk show The View, made comments on the show that renewed controversy over the collapse of World Trade Center 7.

These are the same people that criticize people who don’t hold their views for “ignoring the science” when they themselves do exactly the same thing without a hint of irony.

I realize this is kind of a random thing for a Friday night blog posting, but enough already. The Bush administration can’t even fire some attorney’s without it escalating into a Constitutional crisis, does anyone really believe that a government, this government, could pull off something like 9/11 without it showing up on the front page of the Washington Post the very next week?

UPDATE: I’m not going to allow comments on this post, which is almost a first (the only other time I have done this is when spammers targeted archived posts). Secondly, there was one rant comment that slipped through and I deleted it… another first. I am just not interested in reading angry comments from angry people trying to convince me that 9/11 Truthers are anything but nut case conspiracy theorists. Just go away, I’m not buying what you are selling.


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Pulling the All-Nighter

I love anonymous satire blogs written by people inside the bowls of the industries they reveal their frustrations about. In terms of pure comedy, it doesn’t get much better than the observations made on these pithy sites, but then you realize that the reason they are funny is because of the high degree of truth about them. There are few businesses that have the target richness that the investment banking business has, here’s one of the best parody blogs I’ve read in a long time. The All Nighter features a great storyline that is very well written.

“Why then, does every banker have a Mont Blanc pen? You look around you, and every monkey on the floor has one. The little plain black pen with a blob on the cap. That’s it. Rob has two tucked away in his desk. Rupert carries one in his jacket at all times. Frank used one in the meeting at Kruelberg. EVERY banker has one of these babies. Why?