Shai Agassi Roundup

What the hell, haven’t done a roundup in a while. Here are 4 blogs that comment on Shai leaving SAP:

Matt Asay:

"I’m not the biggest fan of Shai Agassi, President of SAP’s Products and Technology Group. I therefore think his announced departure from SAP is a net positive for the company”

Kevin Werbach:

“Because he wants to devote more time to his personal passion for alternative energy. Or, because he’s unwilling to wait until 2009 to take over as CEO"

Sramana Mitra: (who I met in person for the first time yesterday)

"This will be a major blow to SAP’s efforts in adapting itself to Enterprise 3.0. However, it is not an unexpected development, since it is hard to imagine Agassi’s brash style to be compatible with SAP’s culture”

Larry Dignan:

"n many respects, Agassi was the face of a more nimble SAP. You can expect Oracle, which is suing SAP, to spread some FUD over Agassi’s departure”

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