In Memoriam, Cathy Seipp

Cathy Seipp died today after a long bout with lung cancer, and this is where I add that she was a lifelong non-smoker… in reading her posts over the years I was surprised to learn that lung cancer among non-smokers, especially women, is on the rise.

Respected by bloggers and commentators left and right, Seipp was a well read conservative blogger from LA. I remember once a few years ago I exchanged e-mails with her and my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw her name in my inbox. I gather from reading many of the posts about her (she’s ranked above Paris Hilton on Technorati today), that she pretty much took every opportunity to meet people, even if just virtually.

It’s been very sad these last couple of days to read the posts from her daughter and friends on her blog and others as she lay at Cedars in her final hours. There’s something very uncomfortable, at times, about this realtime world we live in.


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