Teqlo and Worklight Partner for Business Mashups

I am a little hestitant about posting this on my personal blog because it’s basically a press release that we put out with Worklight today about a partnership we are building. However, it’s important to me and the nature of what we are doing is really interesting, which is turning RSS feeds into something more than a means to publish blog content, so I’m posting the press release with additional commentary.
In a nutshell this is what it is:

The WorkLight and Teqlo integrated solution offers a way for information workers themselves to create enterprise application mashups without any programming at all. Teqlo provides the next generation mashup platform, while WorkLight provides seamless, secure and scalable access to enterprise applications. Together the two products provide an end to end business solution for secure self-service to enterprise data.

Okay, so what does that mean? Well let me post up a picture that shows the actual application in action: (click for full screen view)

What’s happening here is that Worklight turned an ERP and a CRM system into RSS feeds that we then read with our new RSS reader widget. More specifically, this is a lead pipeline feed and a customer support feed that keys off the customer name. A sales exec using this app would see all the opportunities under that company name side-by-side with the support issues in the system.

There was a reason why Rod originally defined this as one widget for the index of feeds and another for the actual viewer widget and it was with this in mind. With the viewer decoupled from the feed index we can hook it up to any number of different sources and just treat the RSS feed just a data source, in this case for structured data coming out of ERP and CRM.

In the above case the scenario is not transaction in nature but rather informational, but I did add a bookmarking and email widget to my instance of it so I could do additional activities.

The entire point of Teqlo is that somebody else did not need to anticipate what I would want to do or build it for me. The components in our network have universal interfaces and that means anything that can accept the data, which in this instance is a post, can be connected to it. It’s kind of like how portals were supposed to work but never really did, drop a bunch of self contained components on a web page and associate them with one another. We do it and don’t require you to know anything about programming or coding to get it.

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