Multicore move cuts Oracle database cost

This isn’t the first time that Oracle has been forced by the market to adjust their pricing in response to Microsoft’s strategy. The guys in Redmond were way ahead of the curve on multicore pricing, effectively saying it didn’t matter how many cores a processor had, they were treating it as one processor. Oracle resisted and has been dragged kicking and screaming for the last two years to effectively get to the point of pricing to meet Microsoft.

Server-based pricing is a dinosaur, time to cut it loose and come up with something that doesn’t penalize customers for investing in their hardware infrastructure.

Multicore move cuts Oracle database cost | CNET
With the new pricing for Oracle’s lower-end Standard Edition and Standard Edition One products, the software company now is effectively matching Microsoft’s practice of pegging price to a server’s processor socket count and rather than processor core count. The move could cut the costs of purchasing Oracle database software by as much as 87 percent in some cases.

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