Cloud 9 Analytics

I think we’re gonna see a flood of these companies, and it goes without saying that not that all of them will succeed, but I think this could be an interesting one to watch. Cloud 9 Analytics is apparently is the rebirth of Certive, which should squash any critics who would suggest that a startup can’t possibly have much substance when it comes to doing the degree of analytics that they promise.

This is a next generation BI deal, it’s up in the cloud and rides on an ecosystem that offers a low cost product delivery channel, meaning they can sell it cheaply and at the same time bypass IT and go directly to users.

The question that I will be anxious to see answered is how non-SFdC apps that are offered through Appexchange can take advantage of analytics engines like this one.


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1 thought on Cloud 9 Analytics

  1. And I would like to see what happens to this company if SF introduces the same functionality.. mmm, say 2 weeks from now? What is exactly the competitive advantage here? What is the protection I, as CIO, get by buying their pipeline plug in, as opposed to the one from or many other similar plug-ins? That is to say, if I really really need it, which is whole another question..

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