Vista, Office and Outlook 2007 are a Nightmare

I don’t have Vista or the new version of Office, so it’s impossible for me to offer anything more than Jason is a credible guy and if he says this is happening then I have no reason to discount it. Also, he’s on a new Dell machine with 2gb of memory.

Outlook is one of those applications that vendors must adhere to the 1st commandment of software engineering, thou shall not make anything worse when upgrading. For Office users this is the single most important application in the suite, which means it’s that one that absolutely has to be done right, else the entire suite is put at risk.

The amount of time that people spend in Outlook is incredible so adding a second here and there adds up quickly. It’s like with your telephone, even the slightest echo or latency becomes unbearable.

UPDATE: Chris Pirillo has this to say: “I’ll give Vista a second chance when the first service pack is released later this year, but until then…” Seriously, how many people are saying the same thing based on their XP experience? Years from now fathers will sit down with their children and add onto the birds and the bees speech “and never install the first release of any new Microsoft software”.

SpendMatters: Vista, Office and Outlook 2007 are a Nightmare:
The problem — which is absolutely inexcusable — is that Office 2007 (Outlook, specifically) crawls, even on this superfast machine. The hard-drive is also constantly in motion, slowing things down even more. I’m not alone in these observations. You can read other Office 2007 horror stories
here and here. Despite a small .PST file — I reduced mine from close to a gig to less than 150 MB — my Intel Centrino Duo-driven notebook chugs along like a 386 trying to run an application originally written for a mainframe system. Even such tasks as composing a simple email are delayed by a few seconds before my typed words ultimately appear on the screen (and send / receives and related activities take an eternity).

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3 thoughts on Vista, Office and Outlook 2007 are a Nightmare

  1. In my day job, which recently changed from doing marketing at a software company to being director of online marketing for an ad agency, I switched from Win to Mac (I’ve always been Mac up to that job). Now we use Entourage with Exchange in a Mac environment and it works great.
    You might also mention that MS has decided to display html emails in Outlook 2007 with an old Word format which means virtually every html email there will display badly in Outlook. How screwed up is that?
    They just keep ignoring the user but now the user has other choices…

  2. This is so dangerous for a company like MS; e-mail is the start for every business person’s day. This problem is magnified by the fact that like other office suite products it must be connected to a network to be fully utilized, so it would be easy to switch to a online version of email. If they lose the starting point the other dominoes, spreadsheets, word processing, etc, fall quickly behind.

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