Send Us Feedback, Win a Shuffle

Do you have some feedback for Teqlo? Got a widget you would like to see us add? Idea for an application or something we could do to improve the usability?

Send us feedback and we’ll enter you in a drawing to win an iPod Shuffle, and not just once but for the next 12 weeks. That’s 12 chances to win and all you need to do is take 15 seconds to fill out a form and send us your thoughts.


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2 thoughts on Send Us Feedback, Win a Shuffle

  1. I love gmail, and use it all the time. Google ought to have a suggestion box there for how to make gmail a true information manager. I use labels and Drafts to manage all kinds of things, but Google could just build in tools to do so.

    Venture Chronicles is a good read, keep up the good work!

    I am not a VC, so I hope its ok to be there. I have been an angel before. Though, my wife might not agree with that statement. I have helped some companies with branding, tried out PPC which I totally hate and with it did not exist, so mostly my domain names (a very large collection) are for my personal amusement, since they don’t make any money. Apparently I buy domains that have no traffic; but I buy from my personal interests and invention ideas.

  2. A very interesting website. I plan to access it again when I get home and have more time. There is much I need to look into here.

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