Teqlo Opens Up to Everyone

“There are only three sports – bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.”
– Ernest Hemingway

Whether the above quote is actually Hemingway or not is subject to debate, but I like it nonetheless. Unless you are putting your life on the line, well it’s just games and that pretty much defines the life of a startup. Teqlo is at the point where I have to put it in the Plaza de Toros and see how we do.

Over the weekend I was thinking about schedules and decided that we really weren’t going to get anything out of a private beta process, so instead of being coy about courting influencers using exclusivity as the bait I am throwing the doors open to everyone who wants in.

Please keep in mind that this is a development release and we have much more to come that will define how the business is built around it. Also, in the interests of setting expectations appropriately, there are only a small number of widgets that you can use and that means you shouldn’t expect to do anything productive with this. This release is intended to demonstrate how the core technology works and get your feedback about where we should go with it.

If you are a developer or interested in developing widgets please contact us. We want you to be involved and will work with you to not only develop your widgets but also define what we build in the core service to support you.

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4 thoughts on Teqlo Opens Up to Everyone

  1. Yep, nice quote, and I agree about its appropriateness to a start-up. However, I’d be surprised if that really is an accurate quote as Hemingway was a very big boxing fan, and indeed, a keen practitioner (according to George Plimpton, he used to encourage his lunch guests to put the gloves on and spar a few rounds with him) . Given his love for the sport, and its essential nature, I’d be surprised if he didn’t include it in his list of real sports.

  2. Thanks for opening it up. However, I find that registration page prompts for so many fields. May be thats what you are looking for.

    But, IMO it may deter quite a few people from “trying”. Anyway, good luck.

    I was thinking that initially just email id is good enough and at some later point you could ask for more information.

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