JetBlue Customer Success Stories

I’m gonna guess there are no stories about being stuck on an airplane at JFK for 10 hours. The thing I don’t understand about this is that when an airport closes and you have people stuck on airplanes on the tarmac… well, you send out the buses and get ’em off and go back later to get the planes. This isn’t the first time this has happened, I remember another winter storm, maybe 3 years ago, when a Northwest flight in Detroit was stuck literally feet from the gate for 8 hours.


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Delivering quality when the lack of it is obvious (Calyx and Corolla sucks)

I bought my wife some flowers for Valentine’s day from Calyx and Corolla. I had one bad experience with them before because of quality but I figured that was probably the exception considering they make such a point about how they are a high quality florist above the rest of the type sites. Plus, the last time this happened they refunded my money after a minimal amount of complaining.

She got them yesterday and they are horrible. Not only did they not come close to the picture on their website, but the petals were brown and wilted and it pretty much looked like someone threw them in the box. I would have done better cutting some pretty weeds from the backyard.

Buying flowers online has to be one of the more common purchases in this day and age, so it really does surprise me when a business manages to screw it up. In this case I think it’s a case of a poorly run business where the failure is that much more obvious because of the way they are positioning themselves in the market. Calyx and Corolla is one shit awful florist, don’t buy anything from them.

What they delivered:


What they marketed:


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How To Name Your Company

Wow, this is a very detailed post on how to name a company (via Techmeme). Personally, I think the web 2.0 name generator is still a much easier way to go.

While trying to find a name, and words that describe what your company is trying to do, you will find that your brain works overtime. Every word you read will be a candidate, every word you hear will have new potential, but only by embracing this process or something like it will you be able to recognize a great word/name when you hear it.

On a serious note, it’s rather obvious that new companies spend far too much time on coming up with a name only to find that it doesn’t quite fit where they end up. Generally speaking, I think it’s a better strategy to wait until you to some point of exposure to the market, either with actual customers or at least with a public beta process, to name your company. Only then do you have the foundation blocks in place to give you the data inputs you need to go through the process that Mike details.

Lastly, and quite honestly we struggled with this, is that a company name reflects what you do AND what value attributes you want to lead people to with the name. Companies like to talk about “branding” but brand is something that develops as a consequence of what you do, it’s hardly the sole domain of the company itself anymore. Is Teqlo a good name for a company? I don’t know, and that alone is enough of a reason to say it probably isn’t, but until we put some more mileage on it I just don’t want to spin cycles on something that really isn’t that important right now. We will probably end up going through a process like this, and I’ll be sure to come back to Mike’s post, in a few months and I’m sure we’ll come up with something exciting and energizing.

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Stonebraker Starts Another Database Company?

This is kind of interesting, Mike Stonebraker (Ingres fame) has another startup, in addition to the other startup he is also the CTO of.

New database company raises funds, nabs ex-Oracle bigwigs – Network World:

Vertica Systems, a stealthy start-up building a fast new database management system that runs on Linux-based hardware, has started to break its silence.

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Teqlo Opens Up to Everyone

“There are only three sports – bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.”
– Ernest Hemingway

Whether the above quote is actually Hemingway or not is subject to debate, but I like it nonetheless. Unless you are putting your life on the line, well it’s just games and that pretty much defines the life of a startup. Teqlo is at the point where I have to put it in the Plaza de Toros and see how we do.

Over the weekend I was thinking about schedules and decided that we really weren’t going to get anything out of a private beta process, so instead of being coy about courting influencers using exclusivity as the bait I am throwing the doors open to everyone who wants in.

Please keep in mind that this is a development release and we have much more to come that will define how the business is built around it. Also, in the interests of setting expectations appropriately, there are only a small number of widgets that you can use and that means you shouldn’t expect to do anything productive with this. This release is intended to demonstrate how the core technology works and get your feedback about where we should go with it.

If you are a developer or interested in developing widgets please contact us. We want you to be involved and will work with you to not only develop your widgets but also define what we build in the core service to support you.

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