IT|Redux – Your Office 2.0 Setup

Ismael’s post on office 2.0 setups is a roadmap of sorts, certainly one that encapsulates the office 2.0 componentry at a good level of detail.

IT|Redux – Your Office 2.0 Setup:
Our Weekly Office 2.0 Roundup is generating a fair amount of interest, and some readers have suggested that we put together a summary page featuring the winners and challengers in each category. That’s pretty easy, and should be a lot less biased than My Office 2.0 Setup, so here comes Your Office 2.0 Setup. This is a work in progress, which we expect to complete by the end of the year. In the meantime, make sure to cast your vote every week, so that we make this totally unscientific survey as meaningful as it can be.

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Free year of Pingdom uptime monitoring this Valentine’s

Pingdom is offering a free year of website uptime monitoring. I use this service, it’s easy to setup and pings my site from multiple geographies, and most importantly, gives me an easy to understand stats page to review the results in.

Royal Pingdom » Free year of Pingdom uptime monitoring this Valentine’s:

As a special Valentine’s Day gift, Pingdom has decided to offer everyone at Web Hosting Talk a full FREE year of uptime monitoring.

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Politics and Big Money

I’m tired of hearing about the political primaries and we still have a year to go… and I’m tired of commentators talking about how it’s all about the money the candidates are raising (it is, I am just tired of being reminded about it). Let’s just put the whole thing up on Ebay and see who’s PAC can outbid everyone else?

A VC: That’s Not How You Do It Obama:
My friends who are deeply involved in politics tell me that the Democratic campaign is going to be about money, big money, and that Hillary has the big advantage and it may be over before we even get to the primaries. I am saddened to hear that. Because although we could play the big money game, I hate it. It’s not democratic.