Old School Returns

I read Cisco’s earnings announcement today and thought to myself that this is a company I just haven’t paid much attention to in years, despite the fact that they are one of the most important companies in the industry. I guess while I have been snoozing a lot of traders have been paying attention to the impressive numbers they have been putting up.

MercuryNews.com | 02/07/2007 | Cisco profit, revenue surge in second quarter:

The company said second-quarter sales grew 27 percent to $8.4 billion from $6.6 billion for the same period last year. Chambers said revenue in the next three months will rise 19 percent to 20 percent year over year — a target that is again above analysts’ expectations.


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But it’s just a teeny weeny problem…

This could go down as one of the all time great business quotes considering the “minor” problem Leahy refers to erased well over $6b in profit from Airbus, caused a greater rift between the French and Germans (as if that was possible) and was largely responsible for a resurgence at Boeing. Yeah, minor problem.

Some analysts question whether or not Airbus will ever make money on this airplane, but then again making a profit has never really been a priority for Airbus.

My Way News – Airbus Flight Shows Off Troubled A380:
“It’s a game-changing airplane,” the European aircraft maker’s top salesman said, shortly before boarding the flight with about 200 reporters at Airbus’ headquarters in Toulouse, southern France. “The only minor problem is that we couldn’t build it on time.”

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Gmail becomes more widely available

The good news is that Google has singlehandedly diluted the term “beta” so that other companies are relieved from the burden of ever having to call their stuff “GA”. The bad news is that Gamma is the new beta.

Gmail becomes more widely available:

Invitations to open a Gmail account are still required in North America, Asia and most parts of the South America, but Google spokeswoman Courtney Hohne said those restrictions will be lifted “very soon.” Even then, Gmail will retain a “beta” tag to signify the company still considers the service to be in a testing phase.

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Do consumables (notably ink) matter to IT departments?

I just went through a process to buy a color laser printer for our office as I was just burning a big hole in our budget with our HP OfficeJet, which is a great printer but simply cannot compete with color lasers on a cost per page basis.

What was interesting about this buying process is that I went to HP first because I have never had a bad experience with their printers and looked at their CLJ2605DN (who comes up with these product numbers!) finding a best price of $425 and was ready to click buy-it-now when I decided I had better look at the price of the consumables. Holy crap, when it comes time to buy new toner cartridges you would be better off throwing printer out and buying a new one, and getting a renewed warranty.

The price of HP’s toner cartridges went up dramatically when you consider the above mentioned toner cartridges are 2,000 page units versus 5,000 page for both Dell and Samsung printers (I didn’t look at Kodak) that are priced 30% higher but have 2 1/2 times the page life. I went with the Samsung for a few dollars more than the HP but have a printer that will cost less to operate and because it has duplex printing I can save on paper as well.

I think Dignan is right on this one, Kodak should be targeting the SMB market to reach prospects like me that didn’t even consider a Kodak printer.

» Do consumables (notably ink) matter to IT departments? | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com:

Shope’s conclusion is that Kodak doesn’t stand a chance against Hewlett-Packard’s printing juggernaut. And he’s probably right.

But Kodak’s argument is still valid even though its products are targeted at the wrong market. Kodak’s printer line should target medium-sized and small businesses.

“Samsung CLP-510N Network-Ready Color Laser” (Samsung)

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