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I finally got around to updating the templates for my blog. I ran with the previous “notebook” templates for almost 2 years and the funny thing is that I really didn’t like them that much but once they were working I more or less lost interest in replacing them.

There are still a couple of things that I need to do, like get my sidebar widgets working and fix some of the element sizing. I am also bringing back a blogroll, although I will certainly be more disciplined about it than the last time when, I think, there were over 150 feeds listed. A blogroll that is out of control just doesn’t have much utility in my opinion.

I also went back to a 3 column layout because most people seem to have wide screens these days and with the font sizing and layout the 3 column just works well. I am curious to explore interesting sidebar widgets but my experience with these so far has not been great, almost entirely because of performance issues. That 3rd column way over there is empty right now but stayed tuned for new stuff to show up there.

Hope you like it, please comment if so inclined.

7 thoughts on Site update

  1. Hi Jeff, not sure if it’s related to your new site layout, but your feed doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

  2. I’ll check into the feed issue, I didn’t change anything with that and it does run on Feedburner so it should not be affected.

  3. Feed works fine in NNW, Can see why you chose it Jeff – very clean. Don’t like sdiebar widgets. Prefer to code in – I know it’s a bit laborious btu saves bags of ‘cruff.’

  4. Hi Jeff,
    I like the update – very clean and simple. What’s the template you are using?

    On my IE6 the third right column displays properly for individual comments, but drops down to the end of the other column in the normal/home view.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    Your feed works fine but provides only partial feeds and that makes me sick. You know we would like to see the posts in full on our feed readers.

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