Newsom pledges he’ll work hard to restore ‘trust and confidence’

Regardless of what you think about Mayor Newsom (and I am not a fan) I think you will agree that this is pretty much how an apology should be delivered as opposed to the now popular “I am sorry if I offended anyone…” that we often hear from public officials. I hate that phrase “if I offended anyone” when it’s tacked onto an apology because it is a qualifier that suggests the person is only sorry if someone was offended as opposed to being sorry for something they did irrespective of how anyone feels. In other words, the person is only apologizing because someone complained as opposed to it being morally right to apologize for something they did. Imagine this, what if I punched you in the face and then said “I’m sorry if that hurt” instead of saying “I was wrong and I’m sorry for punching you in the face”.

I know this is way off base for this blog (or maybe not) but that’s been bothering me for a while and well it’s my blog and I can write about whatever I want.

‘I HAVE LET THE PEOPLE DOWN’ / DAMAGE CONTROL: Newsom pledges he’ll work hard to restore ‘trust and confidence’:

“I want to make it clear that everything you’ve heard and read is true, and I am deeply sorry about that,” Newsom said, referring to a report in The Chronicle on Thursday documenting the affair. “I have hurt someone I care deeply about, Alex Tourk, and his friends and family, and that is something that I have to live with and something that I am deeply sorry for.”

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