Light bulb moment in California

I tried various CFL options and they all look like crap. There is no way a “60 watt equivalent” CFL puts out the same light that an incandescent bulb does. Plus, for can lights mounted in the ceiling you don’t have many options for CFL. Then there is that whole issue about the government telling me what light bulbs I can and cannot buy… what’s next, single ply toilet paper?

Light bulb moment in California: Should it ban the common bulb?:

Assemblyman Lloyd Levine says compact fluorescent light bulbs, which often have a spiral shape and are being promoted by Wal-Mart, are so efficient that consumers should be forced to use them. The compact bulbs use a quarter the energy of a conventional light.

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That’s gonna leave a mark…

The first device was found under Interstate 93, and the state police bomb squad was called and detonated the package in Sullivan Square just before 10 a.m. Officials said it contained an electronic circuit board with some components that were “consistent with an improvised explosive device,” but they said it had no explosives.

Marketing gone bad.

HP rides celeb’s bike for big game

I should probably wait until the commercial actually runs but this sounds like one dumb-ass concept.

Update: Dan posted a lengthy piece on the spot here. Obviously the people behind this campaign know a lot more about marketing than I could ever hope to, and HP has been successful at rehabilitating their brand through advertising and promotion. Having said that, the brilliance of Apple’s Think Different campaign was that it took something that was positioned as a negative, Apple’s small marketshare, and positioned it as a strength by associating it with the famous personalities that were admittedly different from everyone else. That an HP computer can do music, games, blah blah blah doesn’t motivate me because all PCs can do that crap, and do I really believe that Jay-Z is sitting in front of his PC on a saturday afternoon making everything work? No, he’s got “people” for that.

I think HP has good products, in fact I bought an HP desktop computer for my mom a while back (although when the hard drive crashed their customer support group took over a month to get her a new one, that sucked). When I look at HP’s product lineup today I am underwhelmed. Sure, they have all the feature and function options, but what about color and fashion. Would I feel good about pulling my HP laptop out of my bag at Starbucks? No. Having said all that, I’m not in their target demographic and I won’t be watching the game. | 01/31/2007 | HP rides celeb’s bike for big game:

HP’s Super Bowl ad spotlights Paul Teutul Sr. from Orange County Choppers — an HP customer and the face of the Learning Channel’s reality TV show “American Chopper.”

The commercial, which boasts high definition audio and video, shows Teutul’s torso and tattooed arms as he rides a motorbike through a tornado of paperwork and speeds by the edgy designs he’s found on the Internet with his HP computer.

Social networking sites don’t belong to the people that created them…

Yesterday I wrote that the move Yahoo! made to force merging Flickr’s identity system into Yahoo’s bummed me out, but a lot of people are really pissed about it. The move to limit the number of contacts is really idiotic, they are taking their most passionate users and telling them not to use Flickr too much. Crazy.

It’s much worse over on the Flickr Forum:
bkusler: “seriously. this wasn’t rocket science. you guys just fucked this up.”

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: There’s Some Mighty Pissed Off Flickr Members Right Now:

Limiting your most active users from further social networking on a social networking site is the most idiotic thing I’ve seen in a long time. Flickr needs to reverse the asinine decisions made today to force people to merge their accounts with Yahoo and to place new limits on your contacts and tags.

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