In rip-off Britain, PlayStation 3 will cost $835

I have to give credit to Sony for taking a disaster and making it even worse. Not only do they have substantially less demand than they manufactured for when they launched the product, but in the UK they aren’t even bothering to make the price close to the U.S. meaning UK gamers will pay over $800 for the new Edsel. I really thought that Stringer would shake things up when he took over as CEO, but instead what has happened is surely going to be a great case study in how a company’s culture can frustrate even the most talented leaders.

UPDATE: I was remiss in not pointing out that Stringer has delivered stronger than expected financial results, but it should also be pointed out that he did that by cutting costs. Where are the new and exciting products? Nobody talks about how Apple saves money by being more efficient or closing idle factories.

In rip-off Britain, PlayStation 3 will cost $835 from Guardian Unlimited: Technology:

That would have left an amazing 313,000 unwanted PS3s washing about somewhere. Machines that could have cost Sony around $300 million to make.

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I thought I would check in on after writing a pretty negative post about the company last November. Considering how the lipsticking article that spurred my original post focused on Alexa rankings as a proxy for success, it made sense to see how that was going.


Aboutus is not a bad idea, it’s just poorly executed. A model based on the user experience Wetpaint provides would be a much better foundation than wikipedia (mediawiki) for the mass market. Furthermore, it would be an incentive to monetize the site through companies sponsoring pages about themselves (or even competitors…. that could be interesting).

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