8 thoughts on I should have gone into the cable business…

  1. and the “incredibly useful” copy protection that HDMI enables … Reminds me of SCART (I grew up in the UK). Stupid design, questionable quality benefits and outrageous pricing. I bought my two HDMI cables from an auction on overstock.com — paid around $10 each — and so far so good…

  2. at tigerdirect.com
    Cables To Go 2-Meter HDMI High Definition Digital Cable

  3. I’ll second the monoprice.com recommendation. I’ve ordered from them three times now, and all the cables work fine.

  4. excellent, I’ll check out monoprice for some cables I need to get for my setup.

  5. Costco has a bundle of HDMI, component cables, surge protection, and a bunch of other stuff for HDTV for $100. Also, when you get your HDTV box, your operator might throw in the HDMI cable in for free, I’ve seen that.

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