Valley job recovery is `real’

An anecdotal observation to this assertion in the Merc about the Valley job market growth being legitimate; I went to a office furniture liquidation outlet this week to pick up a conference table, some chairs, and whiteboards (cuz that’s how we roll at Teqlo, lean) and I asked the guy running the place how his business was doing. He said that at the end of last year he noticed a pickup in buyers and he’s been on a tear all through January. This is a great leading indicator because the major reason you buy office furniture is because you are hiring people, plus I think there is a connection between buying used furniture and startup activity spiking. | 01/20/2007 | Valley job recovery is `real’:
Silicon Valley’s job market continued to pick up steam in December, making 2006 the year the local economy truly turned the corner. And economists say job growth could well continue at this healthy clip in 2007.