When the Speed of Light Isn’t

This is a really interesting story about some scientific work that has resulted in a technique to slow the speed of light to the point that it is potentially useful as a carrier for information, read the whole thing for the full context of the research.

Physicists said the new approach to taming light could hasten the arrival of a futuristic era in which computers and other devices will process information on optical beams instead of with electricity, which for all its spark is still cumbersome compared with light.

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MingleNow Clinks It’s Way to Ching-Ching

Blue Lithium’s MingleNow service is apparently off to a good start having snagged Anheuser-Busch as a client. They are running a promotion aimed at bringing some social networking to something that is inherently social to begin with, drinking. The Clink promotion is clever and goes a long way to overcoming any impression that MingleNow is just another way to hook up members of the opposite sex (or the same if that’s what you are into).

Today MingleNow went public with a partnership with Anheuser-Busch as part of the beer industry’s “Here’s-to-Beer” marketing initiative. The partnership allows Anheuser-Busch to leverage the social media channel in keeping with the social aspect of beer itself.  The “Clink” program utilizes the online/offline nature of MingleNow to bring the real-life camaraderie of beer drinking to the Internet. Users  photograph themselves “clinking” beer bottles or glasses together with friends, then upload the photos to galleries on MingleNow.   Some of the first – “Celebrity Clinks” containing photos of MingleNow users “clinking” with famous people, and “Creative Clinks,” showcasing artistic clink photos. MingleNow will hold contests allowing other MingleNow users to vote for their favorites and give prizes for the highest rated “Clink” photos. 

The thing that impressed me about the deal is that it’s tying together a number of initiatives, including the Here’s to Beer campaign, and using social networking as a sort of “glue” between the parts. Time will tell if it’s successful but it is certainly one more data point that proves large advertisers are looking beyond television, radio, and web spots to reach the twenty-something demographic.