Sprint WiMAX Spending Creeps Up

I’ve been a big fan of WiMAX for a couple of years, but as I wrote back in 2004 I would not have expected to see much in the way of deployments until 2007… we’ll soon see if my prediction has any merit but I sure hope so because WiMAX availability promises much in the way of wireless connectivity that we are so lacking with current technologies.

GigaOM » Sprint WiMAX Spending Creeps Up:

Sprint projects it will spend a total of $1.1 billion on WiMAX in 2007, “$300 million of start-up operating costs associated with WiMAX 4G broadband services,” and $800 million on WiMAX capital expenditures this year, according to the latest update2. In the original release the company said “Sprint Nextel is expecting to invest $1 billion in 20073 and between $1.5 billion and $2 billion in 2008 relating to the 4G mobile broadband network.”

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