Mac friendly online conference service

Anyone know of a service that I can use for online demos and meetings that is Mac friendly? The kicker is being able to organize and host the online conference from my Mac, most of the majors allow you to join a meeting with a Mac but not host it.

UPDATE: By the way, I should have also mentioned that I want a cheap service. Webex supports Mac presenters but they are pretty pricey. I found a service called GatherPlace but I’ve never heard of it. Here’s Webex’s price…


UPDATE2: Okay, here’s a cool service called Glance Networks.

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9 thoughts on Mac friendly online conference service

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Macromedia’s Breeze works beautifully on a mac (as host and participant). I use it all the time.


  2. Vyew is a great product and they added Mac support – I haven’t tested it, but my guess they will soon comment here:-)

  3. Normally, I do not comment on these things, but since Zoli said I would, well, I cannot make Zoli a fibber now can I?

    Yes, Vyew works on Macs. You should use Safari since Firefox on the Mac may or may not use Java correctly.


  4. Hi Jeff, of course, you never had to sit through one of my online demos – from my Mac 😉

    I’m using VNC – OK, have to ask the other party to download a free client – but it’s free, peer-to-peer, works nicely, any operating system, and you can use it to remote administer you aunt’s machine when you do not use it for web demos…

    It’s so standard that you’ll find that port (5900) preset on your router at home when you want to set up a virtual server.

    Actually, found that quite a few had it already on their machines, the more geekly inclined of course!

    Try these:
    Mac OSX:

  5. LOL Sig, no I have not been through one of your online demos and I am surely less enlightened as a result!

    Christopher, thanks for the Vyew followup.

  6. Jeff, you know i have a huge list of these companies……why don’t you ever ask me. Vyew is awesome, i’m inviting them to present at Under the Radar and there is a new one called

  7. These suggestions are solid. I am sure that there will be many more players enter this segment this year.

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