The Alexa CRM On Demand Rankings: A Six Month Retrospective

Here’s an interesting way to look at on demand applications growth, use Alexa website traffic rankings as a proxy for usage. Keep in mind that Alexa is surely not the most reliable of services but it does provide one data point that is unique to on demand vendors. Link via Brian Halligan.

UPDATE: In thinking through this, weighing the comments to the post, and recalling what I know is fact about these companies I think this system of measurement is greatly flawed. It’s a clever idea but relies on a notoriously flawed measurement tool.

Brent’s Blog: The Alexa CRM On Demand Rankings: A Six Month Retrospective:

As hot as the on demand CRM space is, it’s surprising to see that all of the above vendors are down in their traffic rankings. It does look a bit alarming on the surface, but remember that I’ve only included the heavyweights with a few other vendors.


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