The iPhone fallout

As hard as I tried I cannot avoid posting something about the iPhone today. BTL has an interesting post about winners/losers but I’m surprised that nobody pointed out that it’s not just Verizon that is a loser on the carrier side but any carrier that is not GSM. This is a phone that will drive consumer decisions about carriers and even if you are not on Cingular you can still get the handset by buying an unlocked handset from Asia. Cingular may be the exclusive marketing partner for the time being but there is nothing that stops me from using the handset on T-Mobile, for example. Until Apple comes out with non-GSM versions the big losers are ultimately CDPD and some 3G network providers

My bet is that by the time Cingular has this on their shelves I will be able to buy it here but if you are on Verizon you are still out of luck. I would love to be in the room when, ultimately, Verizon is negotiating to get a version for their network and someone tries to tell Jobs that they have to replace the UI with the Verizon branded version and disable features that Verizon can’t monetize.

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The impact of Apple’s iPhone, rolled out at Macworld by Steve Jobs, is going to have a lasting impact on the tech industry beyond today’s big splash. Here’s a look at the winners and losers:

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