MySQL shuns GPL version 3

I pointed to this issue of religious purification in an earlier post. It’s called “open” source and not “free software” for a reason, open source is supposed to be about the fair sharing of code as opposed to stripping away anyone’s rights to assert ownership over something.

MySQL shuns GPL version 3 –

MySQL’s reasons for opting out from GPL3 are different from those of many Linux distributors, some of which have criticised the licence for its “religious” battle against digital rights management (DRM) technology.

In addition to banning DRM, the GPL3 is deemed controversial because it plans to prevent users and developers of software governed by the licence from launching any patent claims against open source.

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Adoption versus Deployment

Users tend to adopt software that they buy as opposed to the software the IT buys for them, which gets deployed… you figure out which side you would rather be on, I did.

James Governor’s Monkchips » Adoption versus Deployment: Nailed by Mike Gotta. Read This Post.:

More great work from Billybob at Burton. Great piece arguing that we need to get better at ensuring people actually use the technology we deploy. No its not IT’s fault if people don’t understand how to use the platform- did you OK a major training budget? I thought not.

The iPhone fallout

As hard as I tried I cannot avoid posting something about the iPhone today. BTL has an interesting post about winners/losers but I’m surprised that nobody pointed out that it’s not just Verizon that is a loser on the carrier side but any carrier that is not GSM. This is a phone that will drive consumer decisions about carriers and even if you are not on Cingular you can still get the handset by buying an unlocked handset from Asia. Cingular may be the exclusive marketing partner for the time being but there is nothing that stops me from using the handset on T-Mobile, for example. Until Apple comes out with non-GSM versions the big losers are ultimately CDPD and some 3G network providers

My bet is that by the time Cingular has this on their shelves I will be able to buy it here but if you are on Verizon you are still out of luck. I would love to be in the room when, ultimately, Verizon is negotiating to get a version for their network and someone tries to tell Jobs that they have to replace the UI with the Verizon branded version and disable features that Verizon can’t monetize.

» The iPhone fallout: Winners and Losers | Between the Lines |

The impact of Apple’s iPhone, rolled out at Macworld by Steve Jobs, is going to have a lasting impact on the tech industry beyond today’s big splash. Here’s a look at the winners and losers:

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I Want My Apple TV

Of all the stuff announced today at MacWorld, the one that I really want is this one.

Apple announces Apple TV (formerly ‘iTV’) – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW):

AppleTV ships next month and goes for $299. That $299 includes the Apple TV, an Apple Remote, Power Cord, and a Quick Start Guide. The dimensions are 7.7 by 7.7 inches (Steve loves squares), height 1.1 inches, and weighs only 2.4 pounds.

JetBlue’s Coming to SFO!

I’ve sent JetBlue’s CEO 4 letters begging them to begin service to SFO so that I wouldn’t have to fly United as much. My prediction is that every one of these flights is going to be full load and United is going to have to respond by lowering fares when what they should do is get rid of those 3 class 757s that they are flying (small planes with fewer seats means each seat is more likely to be filled). In the end they will lose ground only to the point at which JetBlue itself is at capacity rather than upgrade their planes to reflect the changing tastes of travelers (I care less about upgrades, more about in flight entertainment and network access). Oh yeah, there’s also that bit about the United flight attendants being rather grumpy.

JetBlue announces SFO flights / Low-cost carrier will compete with United, American, flying nonstops to New York, Boston:

The 6-year-old New York airline plans to announce four daily flights between SFO and New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport and a once-daily flight between the airport and Boston’s Logan airport at a new conference today at SFO with JetBlue founder and chief executive David Neeleman scheduled to attend.

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