Mozilla Does Microformats: Firefox 3 as Information Broker

Really interesting observation about the forthcoming Firefox version 3 and the ability to consume microformats. I read this with some interest as it cores to the core of what we do, treating integration as a data routing problem rather than a programming issue. But having said that I can also say that just being able to swap data is only one part of the problem, doing it in preferred sequence equally important and it’s not clear what or how Firefox could do that… of course a Teqlo extension for Firefox v3 could be really interesting.

Mozilla Does Microformats: Firefox 3 as Information Broker:

Instead of using the entire product suite of a Google or an MSN or a Yahoo, you can instead use the particular apps you like most from not only big players – but small startups too. So say I use the 30Boxes online calendar – Firefox 3 would automagically transfer any (microformatted) events data I come across while browsing, into my 30Boxes account. And it could likewise put all my contacts into Gmail, locations into Yahoo Maps, phone numbers into Skype, etc.

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5 thoughts on Mozilla Does Microformats: Firefox 3 as Information Broker

  1. >doing it in preferred sequence equally important and it’s not clear what or how Firefox could do that

    Can you explain what you mean by preferred sequence?


  2. let’s say, for example, that you have an hcard that you first want to plot on a map and then, if selected, insert into your address book, or you want that hcard to go into linkedin rather than your address book. Data flow versus data integration.

  3. Ok, I see what you mean. Currently in our UI mockups the user will be responsible for pushing data (the R/WW article made it sound more automatic than it probably will end up being), so they will be able to control the flow as they encounter microformats.

    Going directly from the map to the address book however isn’t possible from our position, since we don’t control the mapping application.

  4. Hey Alex, I understand that Rod hooked up with you on this already… we would be interested in doing some work to further this capability with our own and further the microformats cause.

  5. Yeah, it sounds the mashup creation tools you are describing could work well as an extension to Firefox 3. I should note that our work on microformats is still extremely preliminary, and we haven’t formally committed to microformat detection yet. However, I would encourage you to keep up on Firefox 3 development, and to start developing an extension as soon as the underlying mechanisms for accessing microformats are in place.

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