2007 prediction

I’ve given this a lot of thought and can only make one prediction with confidence for the upcoming year, that we will witness a lot of high profile executive departures from mainline enterprise software companies to SaaS companies. It will be this flow of executives out of traditional software that will alarm SAP/Oracle/Microsoft/IBM/etc. and bring about a rethinking of their respective strategies in this area, along with an increased willingness to throw some of their existing businesses under the bus in the pursuit of SaaS strategies.

Christmas gift from Pingdom – One free year of uptime monitoring

There’s not much time left on this special offer but I signed up for a free year of uptime monitoring. It looks like a great deal.

Royal Pingdom » Christmas gift from Pingdom – One free year of uptime monitoring:
During the next 48 hours (ok, 45 as of this writing) it is possible to sign up for a full year of Pingdom’s uptime monitoring service for free. If you already have a trial account, you can upgrade that for free too. No strings attached. This is our Christmas gift to all server administrators and webmasters out there who want to be able to relax during Christmas instead of being paranoid about their websites and servers breaking down.

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