Google retreats back to Web 1.0

I was talking to Ross about this today and mentioned off hand that it’s not like Google is building a walled garden but rather putting barbed wire up to fence off what was a free range. We have been facing this issue with Google API in that we can drive the backend server functions but not the UI, or more specifically, embed the UI elements as components for reuse in our platform.

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The quiet deprecation of Google’s original SOAP search API earlier this month, which has just come to light this week, is a revealing admission of Google’s single-minded reliance on advertising as a means of funding its continued growth and profitability. Put bluntly, it confirms Google’s abject failure to monetize its API except by the indirect mechanism of contextual advertising. Thus Google is now asking developers to sign up instead to an AJAX API, which presents ads on a user’s screen alongside the requested search results. That’s no use for the API mashups that Google’s SOAP search API was one of the first to popularize, long before the term ‘mashup’ existed.

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If Every Once in a While You Can’t Laugh at Terrorists…

Funny, no very funny (I called TBS’ support line to confirm).

The Dilbert Blog: Those al-Qaeda Taped Messages:

Am I the only one who thinks al-Zawahri has his own cubicle at al-Jazeera?

I imagine al-Zawahri coming to work every day with his turban and robe and plastic rifle, a cup of coffee in one hand, a copy of The Jihad Gazette tucked under his arm. The al-Jazeera station manager sees him and calls out, “Hey Showtime, we have a slow news day. Can you do one of those taped message thingees?”

So al-Zawahri takes his brown sheet and plastic rifle into the break room and tells the employees who are eating their figs to be quiet for a minute while he makes his recording.