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Dion wrote a good year in review post on the progress of enterprise 2.0.Personally, I’m a little disappointed that the term enterprise 2.0 seems to be limited to the use of social media within enterprise contexts because in my view this is about enabling a new generation of applications that straddle the collaboration and transaction divide in a user-centric way. In other words, give people transaction applications that they actually want to use because they solve problems bigger than entering a sales order or reworking a production schedule.

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2 thoughts on » Enterprise 2.0 year in review | Enterprise Web 2.0

  1. hail hail ! all about application exchange and dyanmic constructions of apps, not about entreprise wikis. maybe let users assemble ui’s or actual apps.

  2. I agree. Enterprise 2.0 term needs to extend beyond wikis and blogs and include in-context applications that work for the information worker.

    It needs to be more than re-purposed portals and content mgmt tools, though the need for wiki and blogs cannot be denied.

    -Sangeeta Patni
    Extensio Software, Inc

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